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Mitch Drummer,Singer,Guitar


Thank you again for your patience,I had periods of sobriety lasting from seven years down to about 2 yrs.I had no illusions about my last battle.I could see that I couldn't quit manage it on my own, and I took a good look at my history for the first time. Somehow my GOD given talent for music still progressed, even while on and off addiction was still pulling my life apart.

  It's been a year since I last used. I am a client at the Midnight Mission. There are a fair number of success stories here. The Mission's approach to the problem of addiction is larger in scale and broader in scope than many other programs.

  I'm still in process, life is a process. The first thing I found was stability. I leveled out in a difficult place, then in time the level rose to a better place and again a little higher. This is the way it is for me now. I can comprehend serenity and I know peace. 12/10/2014

Pastor Bro. Ron Granados

 My Life was changed after years of walking on the other side... I was like so many before in a self religious proud way self... living in hypocrisy and idolatry, I was worldly fleshy religious believe what ever I want type...worshiping many false gods,lying doctrines of the world...I had no real relationship with a Real Lord & Savior.It's like your thinking,hoping,trying to make yourself belive you have something...but really have nothing...I was invited/guided to attend an event which turned out to be,a well known Outreach Ministry,which I didn't know anything about at the time...after listening to the messages & upon and self examination of my personal life/self...and afterward hearing the Pastor's Alter Call,I and other's of my family went forward to accept the call and surrendered the best way I/we could at the time.About a year after one sunny day,I was walking on the street,the Lord spoke to me..it was the begining of a journry & a walk that would eventually lead me to True Salvation & Relationship with a Real Lord & Savior, An Awesome Most High God,Who Really can change Any life miraculously. 12/12/2014 

Elena Singer

 After living my life for a really long time, I have discovered there is! a better way of life than the way that I was living. For many reasons and not very good ones I decided that I would be better off in a far,far away place where i would only need a one way ticket. By this point in my life I was in a very dark and slippery hole, with no way out. I started calling to JESUS, and praying with all of my might, holding on to my faith which is the only thing that I had left, was when I decided to start reading the Bible and in doing so I felt like the LORD was speaking directly to me. Until one day I had a supernatural experience that changed me forever. No it did not happen overnight but little by little by reading the Bible and keeping my faith, I started seeing and feeling changes within me and, and good ones. I have come a long way and I am very thankful for the love of the LORD, as he is the way to our Heavenly Father an our celestial home. Today I live my life in a very different way knowing why I'm here,and where I came from,and where I'm going. There is always things to learn, we will never know everything, but I am grateful, for all that I have learned, and has taught me how to live better and free, and I give thanks to the LORD, thank you. 


 One must endure storms, and rain in order to grow, like the flowers, and the plants. GOD gives us the answers, through nature, and through others-we need only open our hearts and eyes to GOD'S love, because it's always there. GOD waits for all with open arms, so just open your eyes and you'll never feel alone again. You'll be able to over come anything, when you realize truth. It's not a truth ingrained in our minds. It's Braile on our skin. We do not have to feel it with our hands, we see it with our hearts, eyes tend to be deceitful, but the truth on our skin, in the rain, in the stars is always there. 


  21 years ago a gang banger gave me a little rock, I asked what it was? He said it was Slim Fast, Actually it was crack cocaine, I made a aluminium pipe and smoked it, and I liked it, here was a drug that took me up and brought me down immediately so it could work. Only that I did not want to come down any more, I wanted to stay up. It lead to a 5 year habit, 100.00 per day. I lost homes, family, business and money. All I had left was my heart, and I called out the name of JESUS 3 Times Jeremiah 33:3 call unto me, and I will answer thee, that was 16 years ago. So I walked from the dark to the light, I stood up saved and never did it again, from that moment on, that was 16 years ago. For those of you that are in such a need call, on him with heart, (HE IS TRUE TO HIS WORD)